Urdu is the third largest language of the world. It is one of the most beautiful and expressive languages with Arabic script. Urdu is the combination of different languages, like Arabic, Turkish and Persian.

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Basic Urdu Course Online

OnlineQuranKids.com facilitates its users to learn online Urdu language. This is the facility especially for people who living abroad and find it difficult for themselves and for their kids to remain connected to their native language. It is for the adults and kids who want to read Tafseer of Quran written in Urdu languages by different Ulema.

In this course, students learned basic grammar of Urdu language, sentence construction with the help of different exercises, which will lead them to a proficient level of Urdu language. Our teachers, with the native language of Urdu, will guide the students to develop their vocabulary through reading and other specialized techniques. Different written, audio and video lectures are delivered by our teachers according to the level of students. Written notes will be provided in the form of PDF format which will help students to learn basics of this language.

The special feature of KidsQuranOnline.com is that we make sure the genuine interactive classes, especially when it comes to learning languages. Our experienced and highly qualified members of faculty make us unique and unparallel among other online Quran courses. It is the honour of KidsQuranOnline.com that we offer to learn language courses along with other Islamic courses. So you are exactly at the right platform where you can earn benefits of akhira by learning Quran but also of this world by learning third most widely used language-Urdu.

Learning of Urdu language is important in accordance with learning the Arabic language because the script of both languages is almost same with minor differences. If you have already learned the Arabic language then it will e easier for you to learn Urdu and vice versa. Our goal is to let you and your kids learn your native language professionally in an environment where it is almost impossible to practice your language. Moreover, you can improve your Urdu vocabulary even if you are a native Urdu speaker by joining in this course because it is reported that an average native person who speaks Urdu uses only a small amount of vocabulary on a daily basis. This means you can speak the Urdu language to a certain acceptable level simply by joining our course.

You can get free trial classes initially, once you get yourself register to our web portal by filling the contact us form, we will get back to you in twenty-four hours and regular classes will be scheduled.