Quran is the word of Allah which was revealed upon Hazrat Muhammad SAW in the Arabic manuscript. At the time of its revelation, the basic objective is to address the people of Arab who were lost and misguided in the darkness of 'shirk' and all other ill-doings. But as the time passes the message of Islam and Quran spread to other regions of the world and become the source of light for all humanity. In order to understand the message of Allah SWT, it became the need of time to translate the verses of Quran according to the region and definite suburbs.

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Tafseer e Quarn online

Although reading/reciting Quran in the Arabic language promises countless blessings and bounties, in order to understand its message and to implement it in your lives it is much needed to comprehend its translated version in your own native language. KidsQuranOnline is well-aware of this need of the community, where people look for an authentic translation of Quran, therefore, we offer Online Quran Translation courses in which our students learn Urdu and/or English Tafseer of Quran.

These Online Quran Translation Classes helps the student to learn and understand Quran in the language of their choice (be it English or Urdu). Because it has been proven that kids find it more convenient to assimilate the guidelines and instructions in their own native language. Therefore, KidsQuranOnline.com facilitates its audience in Pakistan and all over the world to learn the Quran in their intimate language, in an interactive way without the limitation of boundaries communication barriers.

Learning to read Quran in a foreign (Arabic) language is itself an arduous task, instead then translate it again into another language with an authentic approach becomes more challenging. But the true followers with a native language other than Arabic are quite steadfast in incorporating the words of Allah SWT, The Almighty in their everyday lives.

KidsQuranOnline is a platform where you can get this guide and enrol your kids to read Quran with translation under the close observation of our skilled scholars. Our adept and proficient teachers have full command over both languages and are 'ulema' of Tafseer. They are specially trained to deal with kids of tender age and teach them according to their age and learning capability. All you need is to fill out the contact us form and we will contact you back in twenty-four hours for a trial session and schedule online regular classes.