Having children is a blessing and a test from Allah SWT at the same time. Being parents rest huge duty on you to guide your child on the right path and make pious and obedient. In order to make your child familiar with Islamic teachings is all about right decisions and set priorities. It is the obligation of parents to put their child in assimilation to Islamic teachings at an early age, so that they will become responsible and conscientious human beings and ultimately turns as good Muslims.

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Basic Islamic Knowledge for Kids

It has become an arduous task for Muslims living abroad (Non-Muslim countries) to teach their kids about Islamic teachings. KidsQuranOnine.com understand this challenge of people and provide them with a platform where they can engage their kids to learn about Allah SWT, our last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW, the way of offering prayers, basic worship of Islam and other daily supplications (duaein).

We have made this forum interactive and more effective by using different technologies and techniques. Keeping the interest of the child is one of the challenging things, and we cope up with this challenge by telling different stories from Islamic history. In this way, kids will learn about Islam and Islamic history enthusiastically. Kids are told about heroes of Islam and their struggles for Islam in a narrative way, which develops the interest of kids. These stories make students ambitious to learn more about their religion.

In this era where it has become difficult for parents to trust people and parents don't feel comfortable to send their kids to physical Madrassas, this online web portal will help you to solve all your anxieties and concerns. your kid will learn all basic principles of Islam from the comfort of home in front of your eyes.

In this course, there are different entertaining programs in which student will learn Islamic teachings in an imperceptible way. Easy and full of knowledge lessons are delivered in an uncomplicated way by our specially trained scholars. Different male and female tutors are available to engage kids affectionately using different applications and techniques.

Our aim is to spread Islam among kids in an effortless way all over the world, all you have to do is to fill up our contact us form and we will contact you in just twenty-four hours to set up trial session for your kids and daily regular classes will e scheduled.