KidsQuranOnline provides online services to its customers all over all the world to learn not only Quran but also offers other language courses. The Arabic language is the manuscript of Quran, although Quran has been translated in almost all other regional languages comprehension of Quran, Hadith reveals its true meaning in its native language, that is Arabic. It is the language of Quran and native language of Hazrat Muhammad SAW.

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Arabic Course Online

Despite all available translation of Quran, Muslims all over the world prefer to read Quran in Arabic because it does not only bestow blessings on the reader but Quran's iambic and dactylic verses divulge upon its readers more beautifully in the Arabic language.

The Arabic language is really very important to learn because it is the language which Allah SWT has used to communicate to Hazrat Muhammad SAW through Hazrat Gabriel A.S.

To learn the Arabic language has sheer importance for every Muslim because a Muslim has to understand the words of Allah SWT in Quran but Hadith and all worships and Ibadaat demands the understanding of this language. Moreover, understanding of Islam couldn't be attained without an understanding of this language. facilitates its users to learn the Arabic language online, beginner to advanced levels. We have hired scholars who have full command over the Arabic language and always ready to guide you in your learning process. They will use different audio, video and written exercises to let you learn Arabic. Our goal is to try to make you learn this mystical language of Islam and make it easy to learn Islam in a particularized way. Our scholars will use different vocabulary learning tools, different flash cards, interactive Arabic language sessions, PDF format notes, live community forums and detailed discussion classes for kids and adults to learn the Arabic language.

We have offered different levels of the Arabic learning for beginners, in which kids and adults will rate themselves according to their level of proficiency. There are four main steps of learning any language which we also applied to our course:

  • 1.Students will get the recognition of letters
  • 2. Arabic reading
  • 3. Building vocabulary of Arabic language
  • 4. learn grammar rules
  • 5. Use of language in daily conversation through interactive classes.

Hence, you can register yourself and your kids to learn the Arabic language online whilst staying at home. Once you will get yourself register on our website, your regular classes will be scheduled according to your flexibility and ease.